Solving an age-old problem for construction pros

The idea for Weather Warranty grew out of a conversation over a cup of coffee between the company's founders and a construction contractor in 2018, who told us about all of the stress he'd experienced and money he'd lost renting equipment that he couldn't use during an unusually wet Spring in Ohio. 

As we talked to more contractors, two clear themes emerged: 

  1. Weather is a constant but unpredictable source of stress, uncertainty and financial loss for many of the equipment-renting construction professionals who have dedicated their careers to building our homes, workplaces and infrastructure.
  2. Nobody believed there was a real solution to bad weather’s impact on equipment rentals. 

Weather Warranty mitigates Mother Nature’s impact on the job site

We solved the problem by creating Weather Warranty, a market-leading solution which uses cutting edge weather tech and a trusted network of construction rental partners to provide low-cost, no-hassle protection to equipment renters. Customers can say yes to the best jobs, bid with confidence and sleep soundly at night without worrying about how an unforeseen storm might soak both their jobsite and their bottom line.

Learn more about how Weather Warranty helps equipment rental dealerships and construction contractors.

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