How a Leading Independent Rental Dealer Generates up to 8% Additional Revenue. 

Construction Equipment Rentals (CER), since its beginnings in 2011, has always made the customer experience top priority. As a solutions-focused rental dealer, they consistently demonstrate their commitment to excellent service and go the extra mile for their customers using their experienced team, excellent service and their inventory of over 400 rental units. 

CER's Challenge:

In an industry where price and availability are the name of the game, it can be tough for independent rental dealers like CER to stand out from the crowd and offer unique value to their customers.

A Unique Solution:

With Weather Warranty, CER is able to set themselves apart from the competition by providing protection from cost overruns related to the weather.

"Weather Warranty has frankly blown the doors off my expectations. It opens sales doors for me that I’ve been trying to crack for years. It gets me in the door, customers buy it, then they come back to me and buy again. And the whole time it's putting extra money in the pockets of me and my sales guys with every sale.

Mike T. – Owner/General Manager – CER Equipment Rental

Business Impact:

  • 5-8% increase in revenue
  • An upgrade that customers ask for, instead of having to be talked into 
  • A tool to open the door to new sales and deepen existing relationships

To learn more about how CER is winning more work and earning more revenue since they started selling Weather Warranty, download the full case study by filling out the form.

Weather Warranty is an easy-to-implement add-on service for any construction rental agreement. It helps to ensure that if your customer can’t use the equipment because of bad weather, like rain, wind, or snow, we pay the extension of the contract, not them.