Extra time to finish the job when bad weather hits, without the extra cost

Weather Warranty can be easily added to any equipment rental agreement, and it automatically extends your rental contract when bad weather hits. Get extra days to finish the job without worrying about soaking your bottom line with a costly rental extension.

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Bid more competitively

There's no need to pad your equipment estimates to cover for bad weather days or weeks. With Weather Warranty, your equipment costs won't change, so you can bid more competitively and win more jobs.

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Never pay for equipment when your job site has a weather delay

Equipment rental is an expensive but necessary part of your job. If you can't get your work done because of the effects of rain, wind, or cold, Weather Warranty automatically extends the length of your equipment rental without additional costs to you.

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Hit the job site sooner

Winters can be hard on your bottom line. With Weather Warranty, you don't have to wait for the weather to break to take your first draw without the risk of downtime eating into your profits.

Any equipment, any time

Protects any equipment rental investment
Trusted 3rd-party hyper local weather tracking


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Automatic Extensions

Get notified when you qualify for an extension
Don’t worry about monitoring the weather - we’ll do it for you!


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