Create a win-win for you and your customers every time they rent

Weather Warranty is an add-on software service that can be tacked onto any rental agreement. It ensures that if your customer can't use your equipment because of rain, wind, or freezing temperatures, they receive an automatic extension. There is no risk to you, and Weather Warranty pays you for each service sale and the full value of the extension.

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The owner of my company asked me where this money is coming from — $80 on this contract, $300 on this contract — I said, “That’s Weather Warranty.” It’s pure profit for us from a two-minute conversation with a customer. We’re happy, and our customers are happy.

Mike T.
General Manager of a rental dealer in Rhode Island


More Revenue 

An automatic contract extension through Weather Warranty’s service means more paid-in-full days for you at no additional expense to your customers. You’ll also earn a sales commission from Weather Warranty when the service is added to a contract.


Fewer Cancellations 

Weather Warranty gives your customers the power instead of leaving it up to Mother Nature. When construction contractors can plan work schedules without weather worries, that translates to fewer rental cancellations and higher revenue consistency for you.


Competitive Edge

Your construction customers are looking for the most cost-effective way to get the job done. With Weather Warranty, you give customers a low-cost peace of mind that competitors simply can’t match — setting you apart from the rest.


Stand Out from the Competition

Offer your customers what the other guys can't. Stand out from the crowd... earn more new business and give your valued customers a reason to keep coming back to you.


Decrease Cancellations

When weather worries go away, so do last minute cancellations and early returns. Be the dealer who can empower your customers to out there and get to work, even when the time of year or the weather forecast creates uncertainty


Generate New Revenue

Earn more money... both immediately from Weather Warranty's sales commission, and from extension days for which you're paid in full. There's no cost to offer Weather Warranty, and no risk to you.

Software Features

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AI-Powered Weather Tracking

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Auto Contract Extension


Ongoing Tech Support

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Instant Pricing 

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Estimate Management

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Weather Event Notification

No systems integration means no time-intensive implementation required. 


Weather Warranty is an optional add-on service that works alongside any point-of-rental software. During customer checkout, simply open the cloud-based Weather Warranty tool in a separate internet-connected browser, get your instant price, and add the service to your customer's rental contract. 

See how Weather Warranty could generate more revenue for your dealership today.

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