Guide to La Nina

Is your equipment business prepared to thrive in extreme weather? In our Guide to La Nina, we show you how to be profitable in La Nina weather extremes.

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Guide to Turning Disaster into Opportunity

Is bad weather putting a strain on your profitability? In our guide, Turning Disaster into Opportunity, we'll show you how to plan ahead and turn bad weather into an opportunity for your community and business.

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Three Emerging Equipment Trends

Is your rental business using the latest technology to your advantage? Learn the top three technology trends that can lead to success for rental dealers.

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Three Secrets to Standing Out

Is your rental dealership standing out against your competition? In this guide, we'll show you 3 Secrets to Make Sure Your Equipment Rental House Stands Out from the Competition.

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Four Ways to Keep Your Equipment Rental Cash Register Ringing Like Sleigh Bells This Winter

Does your rental dealership struggle during the winter? In our guide, Four Ways to Keep Your Equipment Rental Cash Register Ringing Like Sleigh Bells This Winter, we'll show you four outside-the-box strategies to increase business during the cold months.

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Market Survey | Construction Equipment Rentals

Do you know what matters to your customers? We do. In a first of it's kind survey, we provide you with valuable information on what your customers want.

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Case Study | CER

Learn how Weather Warranty helped CER stand out from the crowd and offer unique value to their customers.

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Weather Warranty is an easy-to-implement add-on service for any construction rental agreement. It helps to ensure that if your customer can’t use the equipment because of bad weather, like rain, wind, or snow, we pay the extension of the contract, not them.