What Construction Equipment Renters Really Care About

Download the free analysis from our market survey of 700 renters across 45 states to learn what drives your customers' rental decisions. 

How well do you know your customers? Weather Warranty recently conducted a first-of-its-kind survey of over 700 renters of heavy construction equipment from 45 states, who work in urban, suburban and rural areas and represent the full range of construction trades—to find out what really matters to them when they rent equipment.

Report summary:

  • Geographic considerations: we asked heavy equipment renters how far from their home base they'd be willing to travel for work. Inside this report, Weather Warranty examines the typical geographic radius of the average construction contractor, and how that could impact the marketing efforts of dealers like you. 

  • Heavy equipment rental budgets: we gathered data on the typical annual rental budgets of your construction customers. Download the report to learn how much is budgeted and spent annually to rent heavy equipment, which could impact the size of the customers you target for better profitability.

  • Decision makers: who is making the rental decision, and who is influencing the decision maker? Weather Warranty discovered three major rental influencers employed by construction companies, and the different criteria each individual prioritizes when selecting a rental dealer.

  • Project delays: Weather Warranty asked construction contractors about the most common causes of project delays, from permit and paperwork issues to unexpected bad weather. Learn what construction contractors cite as the most common reason projects take longer than anticipated, and most importantly, what you can do as a rental dealer to help mitigate these problems. 

This free, no-risk guide includes 5 pages of valuable data and our analysis. We'll help you understand what the survey results mean for you, and what you can do to better serve your customer and get a leg up on your competition. 

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Weather Warranty is an easy-to-implement add-on service for any construction rental agreement. It helps to ensure that if your customer can’t use the equipment because of bad weather, like rain, wind, or snow, we pay the extension of the contract, not them.