Turning Disaster Into Opportunity

Heavy equipment rental dealers often bear the brunt of Mother Nature's wrath. Whether her mood swings are delivering a category 4 hurricane or just your average rainy day, bad weather means contractors cancel rentals or abandon jobs entirely. As you know, this means less revenue for your dealership.

But that doesn't have to happen. Weather Warranty, a new service that leverages cutting-edge weather technology, is using innovative solutions that help rental dealers reduce weather-related cancellations, keep revenue streams steady, and even increase revenues by turning weather disasters into opportunities to add value to their construction customers. 

What's Inside:

Within the enclosed guide, our industry experts provide top tips for reducing the business impact of bad weather on rental dealers. Find out how to put your business to work for your community during weather disasters, increase your value during unpredictable weather events, and give your customers peace of mind, rain or shine. 

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Weather Warranty is an easy-to-implement add-on service for any construction rental agreement. It helps to ensure that if your customer can’t use the equipment because of bad weather, like rain, wind, or snow, we pay the extension of the contract, not them.